What is SEMCO SIP?

SEMCO’s Surface Integration Program (SIP) is designed to certify installers in the applications of SEMCO Systems, including the X-Bond System. Within the class, not only will you get the experience of hands-on training, but also project pre-mobilization training, substrate preparation (without demolition!), sales training, pipeline management, marketing advice, and presentation pointers.

The class is designed to develop the installers in a turn-key style so they are certified in nuts-to-bolts, sales to surface engineering to project management to application:

  • On the first day of the class each attendee will be given a tour of the facility, and an introduction to SEMCO. Then the class jumps right into the hands-on application of the X-Bond System in several different finishes and types of applications throughout the day.
  • On day two of the class we will review, and apply, SEMCO’s variety of sealers and coloring systems including, but not limited to, Pre-Stain System, Color Grain, Color Green, etc. Then the class will be taken on a field trip to view several projects, that have been in place for many years, to show how SEMCO’s Systems hold up after time and use.
  • Day three will be more “classroom style” to discuss sales, presenting, how to manage project, pricing and margins, etc.

Upon completion each attendee will have the skill set necessary to hit the ground running. They will each obtain a certificate of completion, shirt, samples and point of sale materials.

SEMCO SIP Training 02
SEMCO SIP TrainingSEMCO Academy, Las Vegas, NV
SEMCO SIP Training 03
SEMCO SIP TrainingSEMCO Academy, Las Vegas, NV
SEMCO SIP Training 04
SEMCO SIP TrainingSEMCO Academy, Las Vegas, NV

Requirements to attend SEMCO SIP?

  • Installers must have valid and current contractors license
  • Installers’s company must have positive reputation
  • Installers to be located in a geographic market that is lacking current representation

What are the benefits of Certification?

  • SEMCO’s certified installers will find that their projects are more streamlined with minimal liability, and maximum margins, working with our developed and proven project engineering systems.
  • Certified installers will have access to top level technical support and distribution of spec projects in their area (leads), and further
    sales and marketing support.
  • Learn the ability to sell projects in instances where many competitive products are not even an option, leading to more secured bids.
  • Access to SEMCO bid packages for your own use
  • Access to SEMCO images, profiles, and reports
  • Access to forms and sign-offs to organize the project and limit liabilities for your own use

Classes are held 4 times a year and seating for each class is limited to a first come first serve basis for accepted attendees.

SEMCO SIP Training 08
SEMCO SIP TrainingSEMCO Academy, Las Vegas, NV
SEMCO SIP Training 06
SEMCO SIP TrainingSEMCO Academy, Las Vegas, NV
SEMCO SIP Training 07
SEMCO SIP TrainingSEMCO Academy, Las Vegas, NV