Natural Stain Application



  • HOW : Lightly sand the surface with a 60 grit sanding disk. Clean all debris

PURPOSE : Removes excess texture and ensures chemical bond



  • HOW : Using fine pump sprayer, spray light coat of Pre Stain Base on to surface and avoid large drops. Work in 2 man teams side by side(1 with Pump Sprayer and 1 with HVLP). For concrete surfaces spray thin coats with HVLP.

         PURPOSE : Ensures chemical reaction of Natural Grain effect

  • HOW : While still wet apply Pre-Stain Color (Pre-Stain Base and Pre-Stain Activator combined, always stir the contents, avoid shaking) with an HVLP, airless sprayer with tip size 17, or a sprayer that is capable of atomizing liquids. (DO NOT ALLOW PUDDLING)

          PURPOSE : Do not shake to avoid in container reaction. No puddles for even color, must spray with low pressure for a pigment reaction

  • HOW : Move across area from left to right as you work your way down the surface, avoid missing any areas of the surface. Avoid stepping in Natural Stain

          PURPOSE : Ensures the finish and color stay consistent

  • HOW : The Natural Stain will then begin to dissipate and as the product forms to the contours of the X-Bond surface.

          PURPOSE : Chemical reaction creates the Natural Grain look

  • HOW : After drying, check if any area requires touch up. If necessary, lightly fog Pre-Stain color over areas that require touch up

          PURPOSE : Ensures a nice finish

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