Satin Stone Application



  • HOW : Sweep debris off surface

PURPOSE : Ensures there is no debris in the sealer

  • HOW : Use Satin Stone (for interior and exterior surfaces)

PURPOSE : Creates natural satin finish for commercial floors and walls, kitchens, medical and industrial spaces



  • HOW : Mix 2 parts of Part A and 1 part of Part B (included in your product order) with a low speed mixer and an epoxy mixing paddle (at only 200 – 300 RPM for 20 seconds) or by hand, stirring thoroughly, avoid mixing more product than can be applied. Product pot life is up to 35 minutes depending on temperature (MARK TIME ON CONTAINER)

PURPOSE : Low speed mixture, less air in mix reduces dry time to avoid wasted product. Since product is water-base will not get hard in container

  • HOW : Use airless sprayer with tip size 21 at 850-1,000 PSI. Position the airless sprayer gun at 18” away from the floor

PURPOSE : Smaller tip size and high pressure can cause a lot overspray. Allows product to lay down evenly on the surface

  • HOW : OPTIONAL: use magic trowel  to spread the product or roll product on with a 1/2″ nap roller. Do not go back and forth

PURPOSE : Allows product to lay down evenly on the surface

  • HOW : Minimum of 3 coats is required to ensure 60 mil film thickness in total

PURPOSE : Ensures long lasting surface protection from industrial and commercial vehicle and foot traffic

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