Preserve, protect and beautify your environment using products that are healthy for both you and the earth
Green Materials

Green Advantages

SEMCO’s Modern Seamless Surface products allow you to create a vibrant, natural-looking aesthetic without harming the earth. Our commitment to the environment applies to both our use of natural products, and our earth-friendly installment procedures.

Earth-friendly installations are low in VOC* emissions, complying with requirements for indoor air quality

Environmentally-responsible, water-based pigments create vibrant and limitless color possibilities

Systems can be safely applied in confined areas over existing surfaces, minimizing waste disposal


LEED Certification Points

Use SEMCO Products to Obtain LEED Certification Points for New Construction, Existing Building Maintenance, and Commercial Interiors

LEED certification map

Regionally Manufactured Materials – 2 points

We extract, process, and manufacture 100% of our materials in Las Vegas, NV. Under section MR Credit 5.1: Regionally Manufactured Materials 10% & MR Credit 5.2: Regionally Manufactured Materials 20%. Each section contributes 1 point towards your LEED certification.

EQ Credit 4.1: Low-Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants – 1 point

The architectural sealer that we will provide falls under the criteria of the sealant primers, architectural non-porous. The requirement is that the sealer VOC does not exceed 250 g/L. The SEMCO sealer, X-Crete 400, VOC level is 54.2 g/L. Well under the limit required to obtain one point in this section.

EQ Credit 4.2: Low-Emitting Materials: Paints and Coatings – 1 point

The stain that is used for the concrete is our PreStain Color. The requirement is that the stains VOC does not exceed 250 g/L. The SEMCO stain, PreStain, VOC level is 6.41 g/L. well under the limit required to obtain one point in this section.

VOC Content in our products

The development work at SEMCO Seamless Surfaces focuses on the environmental compatibility and sustainability of our products. Years of research and development enabled us to create a balance between high performing products with a low VOC content. Most of our system components have a water-based formulation and are thus particularly friendly to the environment.

We ensured that our products exceed the criteria of the LEED Credit. Additionally we had our products tested according to the strictest European norms and comply with very stringent health and environmental requirements.

  • VOC Content in g/L

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