We offer wide range of individual products and systems designed to clean, resurface, color, and seal-protect almost any solid surface

Product Systems

Remodel without Removal™

With SEMCO’s unique Remodel Without Removal™ system you can remodel any solid surface without the cost, inconvenience and potential environmental damage associated with the removal of the existing surface. This innovative process will save you and your clients valuable time, money, and resources.

Remodel Without Removal™ is registered trademark of SEMCO Modern Seamless Surface

SEMCO ADA Safety Floor

The result of over a decade of field testing, SEMCO’s ADA Safety Floor is engineered to assist in remodeling projects which require ADA compliance in several key areas, including slip resistance (coefficient of friction), surface slope regrading, and surface aperture (gap) closure.

Clean | Color | Seal

With our Clean | Color | Seal system we can make existing surfaces look like new. We offer a full line of environmentally friendly products field-tested to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability.


X-Bond Seamless Stone

SEMCO’s most innovative custom engineered product is X-Bond Seamless Stone, which is the core element in both the SEMCO Remodel without Removal™ and SEMCO’s ADA Safety Floor systems.

Liquid Membrane

The SEMCO Liquid Membrane is a single component waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane. It is a self-contained elastomeric fluid suspended in a copolymer adhesive, this revolutionary blend enables easy application while providing excellent bridging, and waterproofing.

PreStain Color

Lasting color for concrete surfaces. PreStain Color penetrates deep into the pores of your cementitious surface to create a long lasting and colorful surface. In addition it solidifies crumbling surfaces. Unlike competitors SEMCO’s PreStain Color is proven to last through all kinds of climates, conditions and traffic.

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Satin Stone

Satin Stone is the latest technology in SEMCO Cross Linking sealers. It interlocks with applied substrates solidifying and creating total surface protection with a density enhancement of up to 85%.

SEMCO Titan Shield Gloss

The Titan Shield Gloss

The Titan Shield Gloss is an advanced single component water-based polyurethane hybrid sealer. The perfect sealer solution for cementitious surfaces such as concrete, micro toppings, pavers, block, and/or polished concrete.

  • Withstands commercial and industrial vehicle traffic
  • Rejuvinates color and leaves natural look
  • Interior and exterior use

Natural Shield

SEMCO’s Natural Shield is an exceptional waterproofing sealer that excels under the most demanding circumstances. Its low molecular weight allows for excellent penetration. Natural Shield fills into the pores of the substrate, in which chemical reaction follows, that creates a solid, but breathable membrane. It provides long lasting protection for a vast array of surfaces in which it leaves a natural finish. Natural Shield has durability and performance of a solvent-based system, but with the easy application and clean-up of water-based products. Its performance allows to be used in commercial areas to protect your surface and decrease maintenance efforts.

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