Semco Seamless Surfaces DKO House
KitchenX-Bond Seamless Floor
Semco Seamless Surfaces DKO House
KitchenX-Bond Seamless Floors create a sense of space
Semco Seamless Surfaces DKO House
KitchenSoft color variations contrast the dark kitchen cabinets
Semco Seamless Surfaces DKO House
KitchenMinimalist Design

Products used

Floors: SEMCO X-Bond Seamless Stone, Polished Bond Color Grey Marble, X-Crete 400 sealer matte



Project Details

The M House by DKO architects is a modern house located in Melbourne, Australia.

With the Kitchen now realised as the hub of a home, today’s Kitchens demand much more than just a cooking space. Architect and Interior Designer Michael Drescher has responded to this with his own design in his Windsor residence.

What used to be a hidden hard to use space is now a Kitchen which stands tall within the home – the social hub and heart. As a highly used space where large volumes or food are prepared frequently for guests and home-bodies alike, an integral part of he’s own brief was a Kitchen that was spatially functional, interactive, flexible, and connected to both indoor and outdoor living. The Kitchen had to be able to work hard, but be able to rest as a beautiful object as well.

Evidence of the architect’s strong eye for detailing, connects materials effortlessly through shadowlines and planes. Restrained use of colour, and the use of an SEMCO Seamless Stone flooring, creates the natural beauty of a concrete looking floor whilst living with the ease and warmth of the stone texture.

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