SEMCO Solution: Bay Residence

Another celebrity residence


Designed by renowned architect Chad Oppenheim, film producer Michael Bay’s Miami Beach home is an icon of minimalism, comfort and serenity. Built in 2006, this 3-story home has a comfortable open-concept modern sanctuary that also serves as the director’s writing office. At the time of our remodeling project, the Hollywood hit: Bad Boys 3.

Water intrusion had damaged the travertine floors in the guest house, creating the perfect opportunity to redesign the space. Mr. Bay took advantage of the situation by updating and modernizing the home with a personalized, one-of-a-kind design. He enlisted Lorraine Letendre Associates to help reimagine the space, requesting smooth, minimalist surfaces with a custom color effect on each element – floor on the pool deck, pool, walls, stairs and bar.


The designer was tasked with finding a surfacing solution that would provide complete waterproofing, be appropriate for application on various substrates, and allow for a custom color palette.

Case Study: Bay ResidenceExisting travertine surfaces before renovation.
Case Study: Bay ResidenceInterior walls before X-Bond Seamless Stone application

In addition, the producer wanted to continue writing and working from home, so the project had to be completed with minimal disruption, no demolition, no noise, no dust, and a short construction timeline.

Exploring Alternatives

The team first considered a common solution for water intrusion: to remove the stone tile, waterproof the surface, and then reinstall the tile. A second option would be replacing the travertine with a more durable tile. The design team considered using a reproduction stone imported from Italy, but it required a longer lead time. Since it can only be used on horizontal surfaces, it was not a viable option for the walls.

Removing the travertine and installing replacement stone or tile did not meet the client’s request for a continuous surface material. It required noisy, dusty demolition and would extend the project timeline.

Next, the designer considered applying a concrete overlay to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is difficult to achieve a consistent color over large concrete surface areas, which was a concern. A concrete surface treatment requires a concrete substrate, so the travertine tile would still require demolition, and concrete board would have to be installed on wall surfaces. This solution did not meet the demands of the project either.


SEMCO Surface Engineering products provided the all-in-one solution the designer was looking for. Their unique Remodel Without Removal™ system can resurface any area without the extra cost, inconvenience and potential environmental damage associated with removing the existing surface. Ms. Letendre recommended applying SEMCO (X-Bond Seamless Stone) products to all surfaces: vertical and horizontal for a cleaner finish


With SEMCO’s swift process, the Bay residence project was completed quickly, without demolition, noise, or disruption to the homeowner.

SEMCO’s X-Bond Seamless Stone uses molecular bonding technology to provide a Zero VOC, effective waterproofing solution. This creates a natural stone effect on any solid surface – without the removal of existing substrate.

SEMCO created the seamless chromatic flow the client desired by creating a custom-mixed color for all substrates. Now known as “Bay Gray”, the color was applied to every horizontal and vertical surface in the guesthouse area, including the tiled pool area, concrete pool, floor, stairs, and even the newly constructed plywood bar.

Case Study: Bay ResidenceExisting travertine tiles on the balcony floor
Case Study: Bay ResidenceBalcony - waterproofing with SEMCO Liquid Membrane over travertine tiles
Case Study: Bay ResidenceBalcony - X-Bond Seamless stone application over SEMCO Liquid Membrane

For the travertine floor, pool deck, stairs and balcony, SEMCO used two applications of Liquid Membrane waterproofing solution, then applied X-Bond Seamless Stone in the custom color and finished with Satin Stone sealer.

Case Study: Bay ResidencePool - X-Bond Seamless stone application over existing substrates
Case Study: Bay ResidenceApplying SEMCO Liquid Membrane
Case Study: Bay ResidenceX-Bond Seamless stone application
Case Study: Bay ResidenceX-Bond Seamless stone application on vertical surfaces

The plywood bar needed to seamless coating too. Thanks to SEMCO’s proven system, the X-Bond Seamless Stone can also be applied on wooden substrates allowing the team to give the bar the same look and feel as the rest of the house. First Liquid Membrane was applied to the plywood to provide the X-Bond with Seamless Stone extra flexibility on wooden surfaces. Afterward the team finished the surfaces of the bar the same as the floors and walls.

Case Study: Bay ResidenceNew bar made out of plywood
Case Study: Bay ResidenceSEMCO Liquid Membrane over plywood
Case Study: Bay ResidenceApplication of X-Bond Seamless Stone
Case Study: Bay ResidenceApplication of SEMCO Satin Stone sealer over X-Bond
Case Study: Bay ResidenceRoom renovation completed. Seamless finish over bar, floors and walls


A total of 16,000 square feet of SEMCO’s Seamless Stone was installed throughout the guest house, including the pool and pool deck, guesthouse floors, walls, stairs and bar. SEMCO solved the water intrusion problem without the major disruption to the client. The designer achieved the monochromatic, Zen-inspired space the client requested, and all for a fraction of the cost and timeline of alternatives. The easy-to-maintain surface is ideal for the busy executive and his three dogs.

Case Study: Bay ResidencePool after renovation

The remodeling required no demolition, no chemical removal, no grinding, and no sandblasting. This environmentally friendly renovation solution meant zero landfill waste (a great eco-friendly option) and proved extremely convenient.


Mr. Bay was satisfied with the end result and loved the beautifully reinvented space created with SEMCO’s unique surface engineered product. Inspired, he decided to remodel other areas of the house to create the same personalized “Bay Gray” look.

We are proud to take minor-credit for contributing to the transformation of the famous movie producer’s live-work space.

Case Study: Bay ResidenceSEMCO crew during renovation of Bay residence

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Project Information

  • Preparation: cleaned with biodegradable SEMCO Stone Soap cleaner
  • Floors and walls: SEMCO X-Bond Seamless Stone, Color Bond, Polished Bond and ADA Safety Floor – Bay Gray color, sealed with Satin Stone
  • Project size: 16,000 sq ft
  • Project year: 2018

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