SEMCO Solution: Parker Residence

Adding Function And Beauty To A Modern Home Masterpiece


The Las Vegas home of interior designer and mid-century furniture collector Derrell Parker is truly exquisite: an ultra-modern masterpiece filled from top to bottom with unique and colorful hand-chosen artifacts from around the world. But there was one problem: the floors.

Drawn to the simple, urban-loft feel of concrete, Parker had chosen a uniquely manufactured concrete 24×24” tile designed to complement his unique space, without detracting from its eclectic design elements.

Unfortunately, the concrete tiles he’d chosen proved to be neither functional nor durable, and they began to heave and adjust after only two years, resulting in an uneven, unsafe surface. Furthermore, the grout between tiles had separated, requiring costly refilling, and the porous grout had become stained over time by their family dog.  In addition to the floor predicament, Mr. Parker was having issues with the master bedroom shower leaking (when in use) through to the exterior wall.

Case Study: Parker ResidenceExisting concrete tiles proved neither functional nor durable
Case Study: Parker ResidenceThe tiles had begun to heave and adjust, creating uneven, unsafe surfaces

SEMCO’s easy installation process and environmentally friendly X-Bond Seamless Stone provided the perfect solutions to both of Parker’s predicaments. In a fraction of the time required by other companies, SEMCO could provide a beautiful, long-lasting floor surfacing solution that would complement Parker’s unique design aesthetic and solve his waterproofing problems.

Exploring Alternatives

Mr. Parker had a few options for the flooring: He could either remove all the tiles and the existing substrate and pour a new concrete solid floor, or he could apply lightweight concrete over the existing floor. However, no manufacturers would guarantee the work. He needed a solution that would give him the look he wanted, while guaranteeing the strength and durability he needed.

For the shower issue, he contacted a plumber and a tile company, and both recommended removing the existing shower floor and a portion of the wall, re-plumbing, installing a waterproofing material, and then re-tiling the floor — a costly and inconvenient solution that would leave Mr. Parker without use of his shower for eight days, minimum. Furthermore, neither company would guarantee the preservation of his one-of-a-kind shower, which was composed of hand-crafted glass mosaic tiles from around the world.

Looking for innovative alternatives, Parker reached out to the architect Rami Atout, AIA of Creative Design Architecture, who, in turn, referred him to SEMCO Modern Seamless Surface. The SEMCO Engineering Team came up with quick, efficient solutions—and guarantees—for both problems.


First, to achieve the sleek, modern look and feel Parker was going for, SEMCO’s certified installers applied the X-Bond Seamless Stone directly over the existing substrate, seamlessly covering the floor surfaces throughout most of the home. The floors were then given the Natural Grain Finish in Gray Marble color, specifically chosen by Parker.

Case Study: Parker ResidenceSEMCO installer applies X-Bond Seamless Stone directly over existing concrete substrate. No demolition necessary

The unique gray wave patterns featured within the durable surface created clean, modern lines that flowed from room to room, beautifully accentuating the home’s unique modern furniture and exquisite collection of artwork and collectibles, including tribal pieces from Africa, New Guinea and Samoa.

Furthermore, the seamless floors offered the benefit of no grout to refill or dirt to scrub from between tiles.

Case Study: Parker ResidenceSEMCO X-Bond Seamless Stone Surface is ready for Natural Grain finish
parker residence, 16e
Case Study: Parker ResidenceClose-up of SEMCO Natural Grain finish

What would have taken weeks to complete using other techniques or companies took SEMCO’s team of engineers eight working days.

The shower issue took less time to solve. SEMCO engineers quickly determined the cause of the leak by sealing the drain and filling the shower floor with water. Clearly, the floor hadn’t been properly waterproofed. Fortunately, X-Bond Seamless Stone can be applied to any existing surface, even glass, and can be waterproofed at the same time. The job was completed in 10 hours.

Case Study: Parker ResidenceNatural Grain finish in Gray Marble color


Because the X-Bond Seamless Stone Natural Grain was applied directly over the existing substrate, the remodeling required no demolition, no chemical removal, no grinding, and no sandblasting. This environmentally friendly solution meant zero landfill waste (a great green benefit), and utmost convenience for Parker and his family, who were able to remain at home throughout the entire application process—even when Parker himself fell ill. He wasn’t disturbed by the installation, and the project took only eight business days to complete.

Case Study: Parker ResidenceKitchen
parker residence, 09e
Case Study: Parker ResidenceMaster bathroom


Mr. Parker was ecstatic with the final product; he got the exact look he desired for his floors, along with SEMCO’s guaranteed proven durability. He was able to resolve the flooding in his master shower without losing any of his precious glass mosaic tiles, and the unique flooring throughout the home offered the perfect backdrop aesthetic to his creative environment and eclectic tastes.

parker residence, 05w
Case Study: Parker ResidenceLiving room

The Parker Residence has continued to make its mark in the Vegas design landscape, having been recognized and awarded by several design and architecture institutions for its distinct flare and attitude, including a “Best Residence” Heidi Award by Las Vegas Home & Design magazine.

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Project Information

  • Preparation: SEMCO Power Cleaner and Stone Soap
  • Floors: SEMCO X-Bond Seamless Stone, Natural Grain – Grey Marble color, sealed with X-Crete 400 Matte
  • Project size: 2,200 sq ft
  • Project year: 2006


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