Case Study: Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 1

Existing floors were resurfaced and modernized with ease – with no need for demolition, grinding or sandblasting


Built in 1990, the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Station 1 was ready for a renovation, particularly its combined bathroom/shower floor area. The City of Las Vegas sought a company and products that could create a beautiful surface finish that would be both long-lasting and compliant with updated ADA requirements. Most importantly, they needed an efficient solution that wouldn’t interfere with the station’s daily operations.

Case Study: Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 1Public Safety Issue: Uneven floor was causing water to pool, resulting in a wet and slippery surface

The choice was simple: SEMCO’s signature “Remodel Without Removal” flooring solution provided a beautiful, ADA-compliant bathroom/shower surface guaranteed to last. To date, the City of Las Vegas has chosen SEMCO for several high-profile projects like this one for nearly two decades, due to its proven performance, rapid application, and overall cost-effectiveness.

Case Study: Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 1Cracks and stains permeated the existing tile surface.

Exploring Alternatives

The standard method of remodeling a bathroom/shower typically involves demolition—an often costly, messy, and time-consuming process that would also interfere with the station’s capacity to effectively function as a 24/7 emergency response unit. A typical demolition often requires the following steps:

  • Architectural drawings for permits (estimated time 4 days)
  • Plan check approval period (up to 2-3 weeks)
  • Tile removal (est. 1-2 days)
  • Replace studs (est. 1 day, as needed)
  • Cement board installation (est. 2 days)
  • Waterproof membrane installation (est. 1 day)
  • Tile installation (est. 3-5 days)
  • Various inspections and municipal approvals

Altogether, a complete, “typical” demolition could take an estimated 7-8 weeks – clearly not the best option for an active firehouse.


By removing the demolition step, SEMCO’s X-Bond Satin Stone waterproofing finish eliminated seven of the above eight steps, reducing the eight-week time estimate to a mere four days. How were we able do this? SEMCO’s innovative “remodel without removal” system enables engineers to create stunning, durable surface solutions that save both time and money:

  • No Permit Required: We started the project on Day One.
  • No Tile Removal: X-was applied directly over tile and any other solid surface.
  • No Building Inspector Required: X-Bond Satin Stone is both ADA and health department compliant
Case Study: Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 1Material, tools and supplies on the job site


SEMCO’s innovative engineers go beyond the “norm” to discover and create products and systems that provide the best possible solution for our clients. In this case, it was imperative that there was minimal interference with the daily duties of the firefighters who live and sleep near the bathroom. Therefore, remodeling needed to be timely, non-invasive, and cost effective—all of which SEMCO delivered with its demolition-free installation.

Case Study: Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 1X-Bond Seamless Stone applied over existing tile substrate
Case Study: Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 1Applying Pre-Stain Color over X-Bond Seamless Stone

SEMCO’s unique and customized project management system further ensured that we met the needs of the client, while also creating extraordinary surfaces that are functional, durable, and ultimately beautiful. We want to leave our stamp on all we create, and we are proud to have partnered with the City of Las Vegas on this and other major projects, including four additional Fire & Rescue Stations across the Las Vegas valley.

Case Study: Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 1Sealing with Satin Stone


Once again SEMCO met and exceeded the city’s expectations, and we are proud to say we are one of the City’s preferred vendors.

View more project photos here.

Project Information

  • Preparation: SEMCO Power Cleaner and Nu-Lift Cleaner
  • Floors: SEMCO X-Bond Seamless Stone, Pre-Stain Color, sealed Satin Stone
  • Project size: 1,000 sq ft
  • Project year: 2017


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